Before you Buy natural stone

April 13th, 2007

“NSRA”-A unique community, seeking to make a difference!

Natural stones have been used as building or decorative materials for as long as man started building houses. They are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts of nature to humanity, so that human can satisfy his or her aesthetic urge. Natural stones are available in various colors and veining which enable them to make everything look better and beautiful. They have been prolifically used to enhance the splendor, beauty and artistic appeal of palaces and living spaces. Today, the use of natural stones has greatly widen and most people use them in their kitchens countertops, living rooms, bathrooms, floors and many other places. By nature, these natural stones are prone to stains, decay, etching, absorption and many other effects that can ruin the very essence of the stones. So they must be cared properly and restored from time to time. But most homeowners have very little idea of how to care their prized possessions.

So the obvious question is where to learn, find, discuss and know everything about care and restoration of natural stones? Keeping these problems and sentiments of the consumers in mind, some natural stone care specialists have formed a network group named “Natural Stone Restoration Alliance” or NSRA. The NSRA is a professional online stone community; where you can get help from fellow tradesmen and advice from some of the most recognized instructors in the industry.

The goal of the NSRA is to provide orientation, consultation, free lessons to the consumers from all around the world through their NSRA Web Forum. Stone care professionals are always online and ready to answer any problems consumers might have. The NSRA has a directory of all websites related to natural stone restoration industry. Consumers can easily find related websites on Restoration, Publications, Tool Distributors, Landscape, Industry association, Showcase, Installation, Fabrication, Manufactures, Natural stone retailers, Architecture and Stone supply.

The NSRA also has an online stone care store, and profits from sales are used to help fund the NSRA in its journey to spread the word that natural stone is serviceable. While most online stores are there to make a profit, the main feature of the NSRA store is basically that of a voluntary store which is working for a noble cause. This is what sets the NSRA Store apart from any other online store. Its store offers quality products to the general public and tradesmen alike such as books, machines, adhesives, abrasives, bonestone chip & fill kit, cleaners These products are proven to be highly useful and effective in the stone industry, and each product has a link that will take you to an area where you can read feedback from others who have used the product. If you have any problems using the products, the manufacturer of said product would be more than happy to assist you.

Within a short time of launching the community forum, NSRA has gained unprecedented popularity and respect from both consumers and experts. When man made materials ruling the market, these natural stone enthusiasts are working hard to regain the lost glory of natural stone.
“To provide quality natural stone care, restoration and maintenance through a network of qualified natural stone professionals.”

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