G.T.500E: Super Snake Model

May 11th, 2007

Carroll Shelby built only one 427 GT500 “Super Snake” in 1967, which set new performance standards for speed and performance at the time. The mighty G.T.500E Super Snake is a modern evolution of that legendary car.
Built for Shelby by Unique Performance, the G.T.500E Super Snake is the most powerful regular production Shelby (based on a Ford Mustang) ever offered to the public. Each car features a 525 HP aluminum Shelby 427 engine, Unique Performance rear suspension, Tremec transmission and many modern performance upgrades, as well as special badges and striping. With an optional supercharger, this Shelby churns out 725+ earth-shaking HP.
Only 75 total 427 G.T.500E Super Snakes will be built; each one receives a Shelby VIN and will be included in the next Shelby American World Registry. With its stunning looks, blistering performance and limited availability, the Super Snake is destined to be one of the most desired collector cars in the world.

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