You’ve been ‘Stang-oed

May 10th, 2007

Carroll Shelby said: ‘I wanted to build a vehicle that could blow the doors off almost anything on the planet.’
Lo, and it was done.
The Super Snake, a Shelby-modified Mustang, has a supercharger that boosts power to 600bhp and keeps the Ford warranty. Or you can go whole hog with the 725bhp version that does without factory cover.
Guess which one we’d have?
The brakes and suspension are upgraded to cope with twice the standard Mustang V8’s power, and Shelby reckons the 600bhp version is good for 170mph.
Sitting on 20in alloy wheels, the Super Snake also has a carbon fibre bonnet with black stripe down the centre.
No prices have been announced yet and the Super Snake is likely to go on sale later this year from Shelby’s Las Vegas factory.

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